The art of living by Oliver


The art of living by Oliver

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Oliver Ćosic

Who is Oliver?


Started playing drums at the age of 3 in between the beaks of his late fathers band. After many compliments in his drumming career je is playing drums now at the age of 53!Oliver is a singing drummer,meaning that if he is singing at the same time he can play the drums equally good as singing is not affecting his playing!


Oliver is primarily a gourmet who enjoys preparing unusual dishes like his late father used to do, without a recipe, pure improvisation. His dishes show that. Oliver also has a passion for cooking, which can be felt in his dishes.To make a great and tasty dish you don’t need a big kitchen but a big love for cooking.Period! To be continued…


Oliver has a very good eye for photography.Even do he attended a photography course in Adelaide Oliver uses his iPhone to take amazing pictures.He can crop,edit,zoom the photo and take a screen shoot and what do you get?Another great photo!


Oliver can speak in rhymes and he can make up a poem within a very short period of time.He started writing poetry at the age of 16 in his first diary that he still has.His book in Croatian ‘’The day behind the rainbow’’is ready to be published where you will find over 60 poems.He included 25 poems of his late father and the rest are the poems that he wrote and as we speak Oliver is writing more poems not just in Croatian but in English as well.You give him one word and in 2 minutes the poem is done.That makes Oliver unique.


Oliver can act any genre, he can act in the theater, he can also act in a musical, Broadway, he can imitate an American with his accent, also an Englishman, an Australian, an Indian who speaks English, an Irishman, a Scotsman, and he can also imitate famous people where he can be serious or he can turn everything into humor. His transformations are so quick and original and when he does it people are surprised how it is possible because Oliver is not only an actor, he is an entertainer! We can conclude that Oliver is a born showman just like his late father was with the fact that Oliver took it to a higher level.

Interior and Exterior Designer

Oliver has great knowledge in construction, which he entered at the age of 17. He is not only an award-winning wall and floor tiler who worked for the best builder in Australia, Oliver also renovated his own houses and designed everything himself, from his gardens to the interior design itself, such as the kitchen he designed in his penultimate house in Adelaide. That kitchen has 36 lights. Only the kitchen and where is the rest of the house. That house was located in a suburb of Adelaide called Good Good wood, where Oliver completely transformed the house, which was otherwise an English Tudor style house built in 1930.

Oliver doesn’t have a stage fright je inherited his music talent from his late father who was a great guitar player to the point that even Mark Knofler shook his hand in Dubrovnik when he heard Oliver’s dad playing guitar.

Oliver Ćosić is a Drummer Singer Tenor Actor Comedian Writer Poet Photograph Master Chief Cooking Master

Who is Oliver Ćosić?

Oliver Ćosić was born in Dubrovnik on March 10, 1970, and from early childhood he showed his inclination and love for cooking by watching his late father cook. He also received his talent for cooking and many other arts such as music, drawing and poetry as a gift from his of a father who was a skilled cook-improviser who worked in many well-known restaurants in Dubrovnik and Cavtat. Especially in Cavtat, where Oliver grew up watching his father in action. Even though Oliver’s father worked in restaurants and according to recipes, magic happened in his kitchen.Pomp in his own kitchen, both his father and Oliver prepare the best dishes, which according to the reviews of those who have tried them, receive the best marks.

Oliver Ćosić-dramatic tenor
Teacher in Adelaide:late Jeannie Celso,soprano in Sydney opera house for 30 years!Retired in Adelaide and by chance the piano was in the same street where Oliver and his family had a house!
The farewell CD with quests was recorded at Chapel Lane studios(former church) where Oliver helped the owner his friend to find music producers, Adelaide performing Nessun Dorma,E’luce Van De Stelle,The Prayer(duet with Jeannie),Bring Him Home,O’sole mio,Torna Sorrento(Mario Lanza)Oliver’s favorite opera singer or Tino Pattiera!Born June 27,1890,Cavtat.Died April 24,1966,Cavtat.
Started playing drums at the age of 3 and singing at the age of 4!
Frano Krasovac former director of The Dubrovnik Chamber Choir, which was founded in 1994, declared Oliver as the best tenor in the existence of the choir, which still exists today!
Drumming,opera singing,song arrangement!

Oliver Ćosić Musician Drummer

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